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This site is going to publish a new children's story each week in the Zig Zag Text format, where alternate lines text in a document are reversed in direction. In the first line, the words go from left to right, and in the second line they go from right to left, and so on. I believe this makes the document easier to read, because your eye does not have to jump from the right side of the page all the way back to the left after reading each line. This printing style seems to be especially helpful for dyslexic readers, who often lose their place in a document.As a side note, it turns out that a variant of the ZigZagText called Boustrophedon was used in antiquity.

On this site, you can:

  • Read the stories on the site by clicking on the 'Stories' link above. You are also welcome to       submit your own stories for publication on this site!

  • Sign up to get notified whenever stories get posted to the web site from the 'Sign Up' link.

  • Read about the Zig Zag Text in greater detail from the 'About Zig ZagText' link.

  • Provide feedback on Zig Zag Text and this web site though the 'FaceBook' link on the left or by       email at mail@zigzagtext.com. Please do this - your comments are very important to us!       Facebook fans and readers who request it by email will be notified whenever new stories and       other content is added to the site.

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