A new method of printing to reduce eye strain

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My name is Sm Banerjee, and I am a business owner in Mckinney TX. In the past I have also been an engineer and computer programmer. I have often felt that the traditional method of printing created a strain on the eyes when they had to dart from the end of one line to the beginning of  the next, and also increased the chance of inadvertently skipping a line in the process. Thus I wrote a computer program that would take a traditional block of text and convert it to the ZigZagText format, where lines alternate going from left to right and right to left - i feel this is much easier on the eyes. To showcase this format, I created a version of Rudyard Kipling's Just so Stories for kids in this printing style and made it available on Amazon.

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I would love to get your feedback on this printing style. Please buy my book, and let me know what you think through the contact form on this web site! If you are an author and would like to publish your work in the isformat, let me know!